And why coding speed matters

Artsy image of the Emmet logo
Emmet logos

An animation exemplifying the Expand & Cross-fade effect
The simplified Material Design Expand and Cross-fade effect.

An in-depth look into the eight falsy values

Image of the boolean false value
Image of the JavaScript boolean false value

true is not false, or is it?

The reason, I think…

A GIF animation showing the jumping label concept
GIF animation of a floating text input label

How my ideas evolve over time

Picture of an input range slider
Image of a range slider input

Are these two roles so different that we have come to believe?

Image illustrating the different tools developers and designers use
Images from by Ilya Pavlov and Denise Johnson

In ancient times

Art and science were once two integrated disciplines. In ancient Greece and in Roman times, the distinction between the two was vague. Lines were blurred. It seems like it was unthinkable to do one without somehow involving the other. Art was a natural part of science and vice versa.

Because non-interactivity is such a drag

Finger drawing
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash


Who can’t remember the first time they rearranged apps on their mobile phone? App icons were flying all over the place. Somehow, though, they magically ended up in neatly arranged rows and columns. Nowadays, this experience is the default. People hardly notice it. When first introduced, it was state of…

A step by step guide to creating a Hamburger Menu in SVG & CSS

Hamburger hero image showing the characteristic three line hamburger menu
hamburger menus

Learn how to implement morphing, a technique for transforming one appearance into another, using CSS.

Photo by Thomas Renaud on Unsplash

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